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16th October 2013


Random Ramble

Like a typical  when I get upset, I push people away for awhile because I need to go into my shell. I need space, to find my center, and calm down. But once I’ve done that I think more clearly.

Sometimes it takes a little push and from there I begin working again and on bigger tasks…

Yesterday I got my computer setup again for recording. Because it’s stupid, I have to go through the settings over and over to make the hardware work with the computer because it doesn’t always work right. After easily an hour of tinkering with it last night I got it working. Recording will definitely improve my overall mood for awhile once I get started.

Going to do a quick acoustic demo while I’m in a lower tuning and record one of the songs for my newest project as well as a Nirvana cover. For the first time in almost a decade, I’m going to let someone else mix it. It’s going to be interesting to hear myself back from another person’s ears.

I’m working on 4 different, totally new songs right now for my newest project. It’s the super melodic side of the project. I’m gaining a lot of confidence in my singing finally and have made so much progress over the past few months with practicing a lot. My job allows me the opportunity to pretty much practice all day and not bother anyone. I’ve come a long way and I want to show it off.

The new Fall Out Boy album Save Rock and Roll is really fucking good. It’s like candy to the ears without fail. Addicting…

Yesterday really sucked. Today was much better.

2nd October 2013


My Music

My acoustic music…

My metal/industrial music…

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22nd December 2012


Unholy Attraction →

About a month and a half ago I joined a new band. It’s called Unholy Attraction and it’s melodic, thrash metal. We played our first show 3 weeks ago at Special Effects Tattoos in Wheeling, WV and will be playing there again on January 18th. We’ll have some new shit for our upcoming show including 2 brand, spanking new tracks. If you live in the area and should see this then come out and rock out with us and the other three bands playing.

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16th October 2012

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99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!



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27th September 2012

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Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

To all of the people who think drug testing for welfare recipients should be mandatory I would like to remind you of the following few things:

1) the burden of paying for the testing will come out of the taxpayers’ pocket
2) fighting inequality with more inequality is a sign of being morally/socially inept
3) the majority of welfare recipients are either elderly, disabled, handicapped, etc.

And if you wanna play the race card and claim that there are more blacks, hispanics or any other minority on welfare then you need to check your facts again because whites rank at the top of that list too. Furthermore, if you’re more concerned about which race is getting more as opposed to making sure everyone is equally being taken care of then you’re just doing it wrong.

I’m sick and tired of seeing this bullshit movement on the internet to make drug testing for welfare mandatory. Yes, I realize that there are people scamming the system. I’m not an idiot nor am I oblivious to it. But if you’re going take away another person’s rights, liberties and freedoms just so you can have some false and shallow sense of comfort because you have a job that drug tests then I have a hard time defending you and your argument.

I’ve had my share of jobs that drug tested even before I started a family. At the time, I didn’t agree with it and I still don’t. I don’t do illegal drugs anymore and haven’t for awhile because I can’t afford to get in trouble and have my family burdened by it and for them to pay the repercussions of my actions. I’m not going to do that to them. But if someone else wants to take that risk it is their business and I will defend their right to do so.

If you want equality for yourself then be sure that you’re going to fight and defend the rights, liberties and freedoms of everyone else. Otherwise, you’re just a selfish asshole.

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25th September 2012


A follower?

Dear Follower,

Even though I have absolutely no clue who you are, I appreciate the fact that you’re following me. Considering the fact that I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time, I will have to amend this in order to hopefully generate something worthy of you sharing it to your audience which would in return help me gain a few more followers. But in all honesty, I’m no expecting anything. ;)

 - Agent Alpha

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19th August 2012



I really like tumblr. I know I’ve been saying that I’m going to start using it more. And now that I’ve fixed my autopost feature I’m going to try and make a point to do so. So, yeah. Anyone else on my various friends’ list use it?

18th August 2012


Rant: American Society & Culture

I sometimes look back upon my childhood and reflect on the way in which American society and culture has grown. As a child I was completely oblivious to what was going on due to being raised in a Southern Baptist household that kept me sheltered to the real world outside. As a teenager, I started becoming more and more aware of myself and the world around me despite my parents and authoritative figures attempts at stifling my progression into adulthood with their repeated attempts at preconditioning and brainwashing me into being a docile and complacent happy consumer who loved Jesus and would never pose any opposition to any authoritative figure no matter how well deserved it would be.

By the time I became an adult I had begun to rebel, and not for the sake of rebelling, but because I was tired of others trying to shove their beliefs and ideas onto me. Having my own wasn’t acceptable. Expressing them became an outright crime in which I paid for by being institutionalized and made an example of at the young age of 17 with my innocence and youth and trust towards people in general as well as thousands of dollars of my parents money due to their inability to listen to me and communicate with me. The price that was paid can never be recuperated. My innocence and youth can never be returned. My trust for my fellow humans to this day is still sketchy at best (and it’s something I’m to this day am still trying to overcome). The bond between my parents and myself will never be the same. And rightfully so. I love them but there’s no way in hell I will ever be able to fully trust them and believe them when they tell me they’re doing something in my best interests. The only person to know what is in my best interests is myself and myself alone.

I have a love/hate relationship with American society and culture. I don’t want my children growing up with a strained relationship with me. I want them to know that they can always come to me for advice or for just an ear to listen no matter what’s on their mind. No topic will ever be taboo or rejected outright. I want my children to understand that just because something is acceptable in society doesn’t make it right just like if something is a law doesn’t make it right. Just because people are doing something or following a specific culture or trend doesn’t mean that it has to define you as a person. You can define yourself however you want. Love isn’t based on material possessions. Love is transcendent. Love is compassion. Love is the bond that truly holds us all together and should not be dictated by imaginary borders or geopolitical ideas or religious beliefs or by corporate profit margins.

I refuse to let anyone dictate my children’s future. What they do with their lives is their decision and I will support them no matter what they pursue in life as their calling. I will teach them to think critically even if that means questioning me and my decisions because I believe that it is more beneficial to their overall development to not hide things from them. In order to make them smarter, more courteous, self reliant and independent they will need all of the information available from both sides of the spectrum. I will always be there for them and not only in a financial sense, but I will be there to listen above all else because that’s where a lot of parents are failing. They’re either too busy or just don’t take the time to really listen to their kids.

Instead of having an open discussion with their children and taking the time to explain things they would rather throw some money at them and send them off to the mall to buy whatever it is that’s the newest and coolest thing that everyone else is buying. Money and material possessions don’t equate happiness, not in the long term at least. And it is my duty not only as a parent, but as a loving and compassionate human being to teach them to differentiate between materialism and love and not combine them into one thing as my generation was taught by our elders.

Whether or not you have children is irrelevant. If you know someone that hasn’t yet reached the age of reasoning then it is your civic and moral duty to teach them these things even if the parents disagree. To not do so is reprehensible and further holds back the progress of humanity. In a society and culture where consumerism is taught and valued even more than democracy and individual rights and freedoms, we all must stand up against such tyranny.

The opposing forces would rather see us all remain like sheep glued to our tv screens with more concern about who’s fucking who in the celebrity world and what they’re wearing or driving or whatever bullshit they’re feeding the masses at this point instead of focusing on the real issues at hand. And one of the best ways to combat this is by starting off with better education for the next generation. Help give them the opportunity to make their own choices like a lot of us never had. Do it for yourself. Do it for the future generations ahead. Do it so that we can leave this world a better place than what we inherited from the previous generations that passed it down to us. Do it because it’s the right thing to do!

So, what’s the point in this rant? Fuck if I know. I just felt like getting this off of my chest because I’m beyond disgusted and distraught with my country and it’s inhabitants. I’m no better than the next person. I’ve made my share of fuck ups and then some. But at least I’m still here and fighting to rectify not only the wrongdoings that I’ve made in my time, but those of countless others.

I wish more people truly cared. I’m tired of apathy and stupidity being held in such high regards. I’m tired of the anti-intellectual movement that’s swept this country under the rug (not that I’m all that smart to begin with, mind you). I wish I was more articulate so I could convey what I’m feeling into words in such a way that not only would others understand but would proactively respond to it and at least attempt to make a difference.

Ah, fuck it. Who am I kidding? I’ll never make a difference. But at least I’m trying. I’m done with this rant. Peace…

TL:DR Fuck American society/culture and it’s basis on consumerism and materialistic based happiness. I refuse to raise my children into believing that’s the only way to live!

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26th June 2012

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Never hide your vocabulary.


If you speak to simpletons, you will begin to speak simply to be understood by them. But as you teach yourself to speak simply, you will have inadvertently trained yourself to think simply and in simple-minded terms. You fought for every word you know, and it is with the sacred tools of these words that you communicate your thoughts and intentions to others. Don’t hide your words, just because they won’t be understood. Flaunt what you have fought for!   

21st June 2012

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Real talk.


Real talk.

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